Your Galvanizing Solutions Provider
Your Galvanizing Solutions Provider
Your Galvanizing Solutions Provider
Your Galvanizing Solutions Provider

Introduction of company

Incorporated on May 6, 2016, the company consists of two local shareholders and a technology partner from China. It is managed and run solely by local professionals while the Chinese partner provides technical expertise. The company was formed to take advantage of the minimal application of zinc alloy in the country and the rest of the world outside China.

Bare Metal Works Sdn. Bhd. works closely with the Cannuo Shanghai Zinc Alloy Research Institute and Cannuo Environmental Technology (Kunshan) Co Ltd to improve the quality of hot- dip galvanizing through the use of zinc alloy. Cannuo Shanghai is related to Yuguang Gold & Lead, the second largest producer of zinc in China, and together they supply zinc alloy to the whole of that country.

We not only focus on producing zinc alloy but also provide expert guidance on the use of zinc alloy to achieve better product quality, as well as reduce the consumption of zinc during the galvanizing process. In addition to that, we also offer the galvanizing technology which protect the environment. Our small but knowledgeable sales team is passionate about providing high quality products at reasonable prices while maintaining rapid delivery to our clients.

The Bare Metal Works management team comprises of experienced business owners who ensure that our operations run smoothly and efficiently, and always puts each customer’s and stakeholder’s interests first and foremost. We are a highly experienced technical team with more than 30 years of technical skills and know- how in hot-dip galvanizing, zinc alloy manufacturing and environmental protection.

Zinc Alloy for Galvanizing

Zinc Alloy
for Galvanizing

Zinc Nickel Alloy Series
Type of Alloy
  • Zinc-Nickel Alloy with 0.50% nickel
  • Zinc-Nickel Alloy with 1.00% nickel
  • Zinc-Nickel Alloy with 2.00% nickel
Scope of Application
  • Bulk Structural Parts Galvanizing
  • Steel Pipe Blow Galvanizing
  • Highways Parts Galvanizing
Benefits of Zinc – Nickel Alloy
  • Could effectively subpress sandelin effect of killed steel which contain 0.035% ~ 0.25% silicon
  • Avoid ultra thick coating and dark grey coating
  • Improve uniformity of coat
  • Improve the strength and resistance to weather
  • Improve surface brightness
Zinc Aluminum Alloy Series
Type of Alloy
  • Zinc-Aluminum Alloy with 5% Aluminum Content
  • Zinc-Aluminum Alloy with 7%-10% Aluminum Content
  • Zinc-Aluminum Alloy with 15% Aluminum Content
  • Zinc-Aluminum Alloy with 20% Aluminum Content
  • Zinc-Aluminum Alloy with 30% Aluminum Content
Scope of Application
  • Bulk Structural Parts Galvanizing
  • Steel Pipe Blow Galvanizing
  • Highways Parts Galvanizing
  • Construction Material Galvanizing
  • Steel Strips Galvanizing
  • High Temperature Fastening Parts Galvanizing
Benefits of Zinc – Aluminium Alloy
  • Increase surface brightness
  • Reduce zinc oxidation, reduce zinc oxide
  • Reduce thickness of coating
  • At 465°C and an aluminium content of more than 0.134%, the slag turn into zinc oxide
Purification Alloy
Scope of Application
  • Bulk Structural Parts Galvanizing
  • Highways Parts Galvanizing
Benefits of Purification Alloy
  • Remove metal oxide from zinc, non-metal oxide such as: S, P and other impurities, increase liquidity of molten zinc, improve the uniformity of the galvanized surface and reduce the usage of zinc in the process.
  • Reduce surface tension of the molten zinc and increase penetration of steel
  • Increase the corrosion resistance and surface brightness
Metal Strips Specialized Alloy
Type of Alloy
  • Alloy formulated based on R28 Series
  • Zinc-Antimony Series Alloy
Scope of Application
  • Continuous Steel Strips Galvanizing
Zinc Bismuth Alloy
Type of Alloy
  • Zinc-Bismuth Alloy with 1% Bismuth
  • Zinc-Bismuth Alloy with 3% Bismuth
Scope of Application
  • Galvanizing of Building Material
  • Steel Pipe Blow Galvanizing
Benefits of Zinc-Bismuth Alloy
  • Lower the surface tension of molten zinc in the zinc kettle, increase liquidity.
  • Reduce the thickness of zinc coat which reduce the zinc consumption
  • Reduce zinc oxide and slag
Zinc Tin Alloy
Type of Alloy
  • Zinc-Tin Alloy with 1% Tin
Scope of Application
  • Galvanizing of Building Materials
  • Steel Pipe Blow Galvanizing
Benefits of Zinc-Tin Alloy
  • Increase liquidity.
  • Reduce the melting point of zinc in the bath

Zinc Alloy Production Floor

Zinc Alloy
Production Floor

Quality Control

We insist in providing the best quality possible to our customer, the zinc that goes into our furnace are the best quality, with 99.995% purity. This will make sure that impurities are controlled to the minimum. We test the Ni and Fe content for each batch of products.

Sacrificial Anode

Marine structures are predominantly made of steel. This makes them highly susceptible to corrosion. Seawater acts as an electrolyte, which causes a transfer of electrons from the steel structure through oxidation. If not dealt with, this process of gradual material reduction can degrade the structural integrity to the point of failure.

Besides coating, the standard protection method is the use of sacrificial anodes. These are made of a more active or less noble metal (usually zinc or aluminium). The sacrificial anodes are attached to the steel structure and since they oxidize more easily, they turn the structure itself into a cathode. The electrons leave the structure through the anodes which slowly dissolve. Applying this physics principle protects the steel structure against corrosion.

It applies to oil rig, wind farm, marine (all type of boat like super yatch and cargo ship), bridges and etc. We shall tailor made the anode according to customer’s requirement.

Zinc Copper Alloy (Brass)

Brass is made of 40% zinc and 60% copper, it is primarily use for bathroom accessories like water tap, valve and lock & key due to it’s nature of wear resistance. It is made of recycle wire or any other recycled copper scraps or swarfs, therefore it is secondary. We could have made it into brass rod should there be enough demand. Our primary target customers are mainly tap and valve manufacturer from China.

We welcome potential customer to join venture into brass rod manufacturing.

Recycled Non-Ferrous Metal Sourcing

We help customer to source all sort of recycled non-ferrous metal from Malaysian market to be shipped to any destination. Recycled non-ferrous metal refers to the following:

Zinc Based – Recycled zinc and zinc oxide. Copper Based – Copper wire, shiny berries, copper oxide, industrial copper swarfs like turning and end pieces. Aluminum Based – Recycled aluminum drink can, engine block etc. Nickel Based – Recycled nickel.

Should there be a need, we could help turning the recycled material into ingot to enable them to export to China.


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